Lorena Cooke

It's difficult to consolidate 15+ years of diverse, progressive experience into one, definitive job position or title. I've been a marketing assistant, vice president of marketing, director of operations, marketing & sales, and most recently, chief executive officer for my own company.

If I could reduce my collective experience to one title, it would be "visionary." And if I could describe my experience in three words, they would be: strategic, creative, and results-driven.

I specialize in developing marketing plans and strategies that are both creative and data-driven. I have a proven track record of increasing brand awareness and sales revenue through effective marketing initiatives. Most importantly, I'm a team player who knows how to get results.

Hi. I'm Lorena Cooke. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

What I'm Good At


Good leaders get the job done. Great leaders inspire others to do their best work. I've been in leadership positions for most of my career, and I've learned a lot about what it takes to be an effective leader.

Strategic Planning

Any good marketing strategy starts with a solid plan. I have experience developing long-term plans as well as short-term campaigns. I'm excellent at identifying objectives, target markets, and key performance indicators.


I have a strong analytical mind, and I'm always looking for ways to optimize and improve. I'm excellent at identifying patterns and trends, and I know how to use data to inform decision-making.

Creative Thinking

I have a knack for coming up with creative solutions to problems. I'm not afraid to think outside the box, and I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to achieve results.

Project Management

I have experience managing large-scale projects from start to finish. I'm well-versed in project management methodologies and tools, and I know how to keep a project on track.


I like to get my hands dirty. I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do the work myself. I've been known to jump in and help with implementation when needed.



15+ Years of Experience

Professional Experience

2023 - Current
Various Brands

Social Media Influencer

Experienced social media influencer with a successful track record of creating engaging content and driving brand awareness across Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Proven ability to grow followers and increase engagement through strategic campaigns and partnerships with brands.

  • Created high-converting content that includes reels, social media posts, and videos with a proven track record of generating sales on Amazon. My Amazon Influencer review videos alone have generated over $31,000 in product revenue in less than a month, with a 13.34% conversion rate.
  • Successfully grew an eCommerce Facebook page from 2,500 followers to over 14,000 followers in under a month by leveraging viral reels that drove 1 million+ page reach, 1.1 million engagements, and 1.8 million impressions.
  • Utilized email lists and Facebook groups to drive sales for low-ticket affiliate offers, achieving a 6% conversion rate in less than a month.
  • Leveraged strategic campaigns and brand partnerships to increase social media engagement and follower growth, resulting in increased brand awareness and sales for partner companies.
2021 - 2023
West Gray Marketing, LLC

Chief Creative Officer, Owner

Start-up private software and marketing agency that provides SAAS technology and online marketing content strategies for B2B.

  • Managed content marketing design, promotions, and collateral for the company. Built and integrated CRM systems and workflows. Drove client relations through partnerships and communications. Maximized efficiency via automation for emails, calls, and relationship management
  • Developed video content ad strategy that included a 3-stage process for creating video ads that achieved an 18% average click-through rate. Write, edit, and produce all original video content utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Created lead magnets such as e-books, guides, and coupons to increase web traffic by 33%. Wrote and designed all original content for these lead magnets.
  • Built a team of offshore marketing assistants to manage client accounts. Creates thorough SOPs and quality control processes to ensure a high level of customer service.
2021 - 2023
Broward Real Producers

Volunteer, Marketing Director

Leading private magazine publisher that connects the nation's top real estate agents through exclusive magazines and networking events, B2B and B2C.

  • Manage social media, PPC, SEO, email marketing, content marketing and lead generation initiatives to acquire new vendor partner memberships and grow brand awareness.
  • Assist in event marketing and management for trade shows, conferences, and other events.
Echo Air Conditioning, Corp.

Director of Operations, Marketing and Sales

An in-house marketing position for a private multi-company start-up operation dedicated to B2C and B2B involved in real estate, property management, and insurance industries. Echo Air Conditioning, Corp., is a small, private company and segment of the multi-company start-up operation mentioned above dedicated primarily to B2C but also B2B

Director of Operations, Marketing and Sales (12/2021 – 06/2022)

  • Oversaw and managed daily operations of $1.5M multi-service mechanical contractor by utilizing project management and implementing the company’s goals across the organization
  • Created budgets and financial reports that include P&L and profit margins based on jobs completed. Managed team of marketing professionals to conduct and implement multi-point digital marketing strategy
  • Reduced process gaps and effectively managed 5 divisional managers; including administration, sales, marketing, and service for residential and commercial arms
  • Established sales goals and strategies that contributed to increased growth in sales and profitability; created and managed diverse advertising strategies including traditional and online channel
D2 Marketing

Marketing Director

An in-house marketing position for a private multi-company start-up operation dedicated to B2C and B2B involved in real estate, property management, and insurance industries. Echo Air Conditioning, Corp., is a small, private company and segment of the multi-company start-up operation mentioned above dedicated primarily to B2C but also B2B

Marketing Director (08/2020 – 12/2021)

  • Grew multi-company revenue by implementing strategic marketing plans that include PPC, SEO, website redesigns, email marketing, social media marketing and advertisements, event coordination, brand awareness, content creation, and other marketing duties as assigned. Increase sales and operations proficiency by implementing solid systems and processes
  • Maximized company returns via digital marketing efforts that included SEO, PPC, Social and Email Automation; conducted market research and identify market opportunities in the state of Florida; redesigned 4 websites, designed unique conversion-driven landing pages, and implemented a CRM for each company
  • Created 2-month PPC ad campaign for the property management arm that led to a CPL of $9.93, 148 conversions to the website, and 68 calls; implemented a workflow that included SMS and email nurture sequence
2020 - Current
The Chi Society, LLC

Chief Marketing Officer, Owner

Start-up private e-commerce company focused on retail sales of clothing, home items and pet supplies, B2C

  • Oversees creation, branding, strategy, and product design for a small e-commerce company dedicated to serving dog owners. Heavy content creation for social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Grew social media fan pages to over 3K in 6 months; via strategic PPC ads and organic traffic
LOTICO Properties, Incorporated

Chief Marketing Officer, Owner

Start-up private real estate investment firm dedicated to creative financing for home acquisitions primarily B2C

  • Managed content marketing design, promotions, and collateral for multiple brands. Built and integrated CRM systems and workflows. Drove client relations through partnerships and communications. Maximized efficiency via automation for emails, calls, and relationship management
  • Maximized client returns via relationship management and investment property evaluations; conducted comparative property analyses and researched creative financial options; organized cold-calling efforts
  • Created and implemented targeted direct mail marketing campaign to boost response rate by ~5% within 2-month timeframe; researched distressed homeowners’ market for 5 FL counties; formed CRM workflows
  • Developed unique advertising campaign which onboarded 25 drivers within 6-month timeframe; designed promotional materials; created communications workflows; created onboarding campaign; crafted landing page
We Florida Financial

Vice President, Marketing

500M+ asset sized credit union focused on the South Florida community, B2C.

  • Organized team of senior managers to develop deposit product offer; aligned accounting and marketing departments to formulate diverse team; headed bi-weekly strategy meetings; formed tailored marketing campaign
  • Created and led millennial employee resource team of 9 members to boost customer acquisition, retention, and engagement; organized team; developed collaborative action plan; presented to board of directors for approval
  • Designed and maintained marketing campaign budget; strategized optimization for campaign channels; monitored communications and business tactics; coordinated staff training presentations centered on campaign goals
  • Amplified site traffic by 60% within 3-month timeframe by clarifying SEO for niche product; analyzed existing website messaging to identify opportunities for improvement; composed content; updated various site elements
Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU

Assistant Vice President, Marketing

250M+ asset sized single-seg credit union focused on Houston Firefighters and their families, B2C.

Assistant Vice President, Marketing (01/2013 – 02/2018)

  • Acquired ROMI of +1K% for newly designed and launched 8-week loan product campaign; organized campaign theme and generated offer; trained staff on new campaign; designed and enacted weekly motivational incentives
  • Raised client acquisition metrics and achieved ~8% direct mail response rate through marketing campaign strategy; coordinated creation and distribution of promotional material; formulated appealing introductory rate
  • Digitized company marketing presence to include social media and online content marketing initiatives; documented annual plan for digital media; headed social media management; led SEO blog writing and reporting

Marketing Director (01/2009 – 01/2013)

  • Started company marketing program and led Communications Committee; recognized for efforts as designated Cornerstone Credit Union League Young Professional Advisor; formed delegation committees; wrote business plan

Marketing Coordinator (01/2007 – 01/2009)

  • Generated $100K in charitable funds with orchestrated fundraising events; spearheaded collaboration with local credit unions; created email communications plan; organized fundraising program; redesigned chapter website



Critical Coursework

SQL: MySQL for Data Analytics & Business Intelligence


Inbound Marketing Certified


Content Marketing Certified


Google Ads Display Certification


FL Sales Associate Real Estate License


Certified Marketing Executive

University of Houston

B.A. Communications




















Google Analytics/Ads/Business






Adobe Creative Suite


MS Office



My Collective Work
Marketing Catalog

Marketing Catalog

The Chi Society

The Chi Society

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